The LGBTQ+A (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allies) Pre-conference at AERC (Adult Education Research Conference) is a one-day pre-conference highlighting presentations around LGBTQ+A issues in adult education. New presenters of all genders and sexual identities are invited. This is a supportive opportunity to explore issues in a safe environment of colleagues in all parts of their academic careers. Undergraduate and graduate students, adult education practitioners, as well as faculty are welcome to attend as well as present. 2017 LGBTQ+A Call for Papers and Presentations (Click to download).

The 25th Annual African Diaspora Pre-Conference at AERC provides a forum in which graduate students of African ancestry can engage in research and critically dialogue about theories, philosophies and practices related to the education or experiences of adults in the African Diaspora. Call for Papers. (Click to download.)

The Tenth Asian Diaspora Adult Education Pre-conference provides a forum in which scholars from both an Asian ancestry (East) and the West (including the Rest) may learn from each other, share Eastern, Non - Western perspectives on teaching and learning practices, current research issues, concerns, and future visions relevant to adult learning and education. This pre-conference offers an opportunity for adult education faculty, scholars, practitioners, and graduate students who are interested in researching about and contributing to, the East to present their scholarship and research projects. In the global context, knowledge production becomes an active and applicable process that involves interconnections, collaboration, and engagement with the world. Learning has thus become more collaborative and international. Learning, in this context, has gone global. Global learning enables adult learners to know broader concepts, theories, and practices, and give meanings in specific and relative contexts (Andreotti & de Souza, 2008). Thus, learning globally becomes critical for meaningful and mindful dialogues and exchanges between the East and the Rest. Call for Proposals (Click to download). Submit a proposal.