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The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication is edited by the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics at the University of Latvia in Riga and published on the World Wide Web.

The Yearbook publishes peer reviewed, original papers which either have been invited for presentation at or which have been selected amongst submissions for contribution to the annual Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication.

Each issue of the Yearbook is thematic. Among the themes it will seek to explore are issues in formal logic, computer sciences and AI-research, communication sciences, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and the theories of cognitive and information processing systems as well as the history and development of these disciplines.


Current Volume: Volume 10 (2015) Perspectives on Spatial Cognition

Under the direction of:

Michael Glanzberg, Jurģis Šķilters, and Peter Svenonius

Proceedings of the Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication


Editors’ Introduction
Michael Glanzberg and Jurģis Šķilters


Intuitive Direction Concepts
Alexander Klippel, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Jinlong Yang, and Kevin Sparks


Aspects of Space
Marcus Kracht


The Lay of the Land: Sensing and Representing Topography
Nora S. Newcombe, Steven M. Weisberg, Kinnari Atit, Matthew E. Jacovina, Carol J. Ormand, and Thomas F. Shipley


Language, Culture and Spatial Cognition: Bringing anthropology to the table
Norbert Ross, Jeffrey T. Shenton, Werner Hertzog, and Mike Kohut


On the Polysemy Of the Lithuanian Už. A Cognitive Perspective
Inesa Šeškauskienė and Eglė Žilinskaitė-Šinkūnienė