weed control, preemergence applications, kochia, abandoned alfalfa field, alfalfa, Alion, Indazaflam, Sencor, metribuzin, Sharpen, Saflufenicil


Alion (indaziflam) combined with Sencor (metribuzin) were the most effective herbi­cides for kochia control. Sharpen (saflufenacil) alone or with Prowl H2O (pendimeth­alin), Sencor, or Alion was less effective at controlling kochia compared to Alion plus Sencor. By 91 days after treatment (DAT), Alion at rates above 3 oz/a plus Sencor were more effective than lower rates for kochia control. However, all Alion plus Sencor treat­ments were better than Sharpen-containing tank mixes 91 DAT.

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