Identifying a Signature Pedagogy that ensures high-quality teacher preparation is essential to the field of teacher education, as inconsistencies across programs throughout our country threaten our profession. Drawing on a comprehensive study of the professions, Lee Shulman (2005) provides a lens from which to identify Signature Pedagogy and the underlying experiences that support it, as pedagogies of uncertainty, engagement, and formation. As a teacher-educator, this action research study examines my efforts in understanding how I can use my knowledge of Signature Pedagogy to design, implement and study practices that facilitate pre-service teachers’ conceptualization of the teacher’s role beyond instruction. Using Shulman’s lens, I identify specific pedagogical experiences that lead to developing this conceptualization, and explore the critical role of the teacher educator in ensuring the effectiveness of these experiences.

Author Biography

Department of Childhood Education and Literacy Studies, Graduate Teaching Assistant and Ph.D Student