I feel that math should be an enjoyable, not a tedious and boring, experience for students. One way to achieve this in a classroom is to make math meaningful and hands-on. Another useful strategy in teaching math is the use of math-related literature. Knowing that students love being read to, I have utilized storybooks in my math lessons in order to increase motivation and interest. Recognizing the importance of integrating subject matter in order to increase understanding, I set out on an adventure to research the following question: What kinds of mathematical connections can and do students make to literature?

Author Biography

Michelle Pasko is a teacher in Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland, USA. She did her undergraduate work at Towson State University and recently completed a Master of Arts in Instructional Systems Development with an emphasis in mathematics education from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. This article was written as part of the Capstone Seminar.