The Academic Chairpersons Conference is an annual forum where academic chairpersons, administrators, and faculty from all areas of higher education share the most successful, innovative ideas and strategies to assist each other in becoming more effective in their positions. The emphasis of every conference is to provide practical, usable information in a climate of open discussion and collaborative exchange.

The conference format includes several presentation types and themes. If selected to present, you will have the opportunity to upload your presentation materials and/or paper to New Prairie Press. This is an excellent publishing opportunity for professors and administrators.

With the myriad of challenges that we have encountered this year, it is impossible to plan a conference related to higher education that does not look back on what we have learned. The theme of the 38th annual Academic Chairpersons Conference is “COVID 19: Lessons Learned and Defining the New Normal.”

We understand that budgets are going to be greatly impacted and attending conferences may not be an option. As of now, we intend to offer a hybrid (in-person as well as virtual) version of the conference. However, understanding that this continues to be a very fluid situation, we are preparing for a variety of different scenarios. We want to present the best possible conference with the health and safety of our presenters, attendees, and staff as our top priority.

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