Thursday February 5, 2015

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Leading From the Middle: Managing Your Dean...and Others


Dr. Walter H. Gmelch, University of San Francisco

Department chairs find themselves caught in the middle, swiveling between faculty and administration. Sometimes they don’t know which way to turn — in essence, caught in the godlike role of Janus, a Roman god with two faces looking in two directions at the same time. While chairs don’t have to worry about being deified, they must learn to swivel without appearing dizzy, schizophrenic or “two-faced.” They hold the most unique management position in the country — and the most important role in the university. Walter H. Gmelch has served as chair of three different departments and dean at three universities, both public and private. His unique perspective will show chairs that their success depends on their ability to manage the dean and mediate their personal and professional interests with others.