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A Faculty Mentorship Program: Supporting, Engaging, and Retaining New Faculty


Susan Lynch, Quinnipiac University
Cynthia Barrere, Quinnipiac University
Lisa G. O'COnnor, Quinnipiac University
Laima Karosas, Quinnipiac University
Jean Lange, Quinnipiac University

Case Studies in Mentoring Community College Faculty


Markus Pomper, Roane State Community College
Kathy Arcangeli, Roane State Community College
Jala Daniel, Roane State Community College

Departmental Recommendations for Tenure and Promotion: The Chair’s Letter


Denis M. Medeiros, University of Missouri - Kansas City
Rebecca Edmundson

Leadership around the clock: Balancing caregiving and chairing


Nadine A. Hartig, Radford University
Kenna Colley, Radford University
Melissa Grim, Radford University

Mentoring the Department Chair: Creating a Community of Support


Krista Lussier, Thompson Rivers University
Brenda Smith, Thompson Rivers University
Shawn Read, Thompson Rivers University

Shaping an Identity: Junior-Faculty Orientation in a Year-Long Seminar


Nelson Javier Nunez Rodriguez, Hostos Community College of CUNY
Ernest Ialongo, Hostos Community College of CUNY
Jacqueline Disanto, Hostos Community College of CUNY
Antonios Varelas, Hostos Community College of CUNY
Cynthia Jones, Hostos Community College of CUNY
Sarah Brennan, Hostos Community College of CUNY