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A Campus Education Model for Department Chairs Councils


Christopher Barrick, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

An Experiential Approach to Mentoring Academic Leaders: Review, Practice, Report


Julie A. Ray, Southeast Missouri State University
Victor R. Wilburn, Southeast Missouri State University
Melissa Odegard-Koester, Southeast Missouri State University
Jeremy Ball, Southeast Missouri State University

Breaking through the Sexed Glass Ceiling: Women in Academic Leadership Positions


Sheila Smith McKoy, Kennesaw State University
Dawn Michelle Banauch, Kennesaw State University
Keisha Love, University of Cincinnati
Susan Kirkpatrick Smith, Kennesaw State University

Defining What, How, Why: Enriching Exploration for Self & Department


Trey Guinn, University of the Incarnate Word

Developing and Sustaining Positive Relationships through Stakeholder Engagement


Christopher Jochum, Fort Hays State University
Paul Adams, Fort Hays State University
Shawn Henderson, Fort Hays State University

Getting what you want: A compelling, reusable, one-page message.


Martin A. Draper, Kansas State University
Betsy B. Draper, Kansas State University

Move Over or Move Out: Working Collaboratively with Former Chairs


Michael A. McPherson, University of North Texas
Christy A. Crutsinger, University of North Texas

Positive Academic Leadership

Jeff Buller, Florida Atlantic University

Reflective Leadership Practice for Academic Chairs


Sue Wells, Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology
Marilyn Herie, Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

Supporting Department Chair Development: Learnings from the Leadership Cohort


Emily R. Smith, Fairfield University
Ryan Colwell, Fairfield University
Patricia E. Calderwood, Fairfield University

The Dean-Chair Dyad: Developing an Effective Relationship with your Dean


Craig D. Hlavac, Southern Connecticut State University

Time Management for Department Chairs


Christian K. Hansen, Eastern Washington University