Browse the contents of 36th Academic Chairpersons Conference, Houston, TX:

Working with Faculty and Administration
Managing internal relationships with those you manage and who manage you, handling difficult people, maneuvering the university bureaucracy, working with adjuncts to tenured professors, negotiating for resources, etc.
Leadership and Management
Covering general leadership-focused presentations including subjects like work-life balance, career trajectory, managing stress, defining mission and values, effectively pursuing both scholarly and administrative duties, civic engagement, conflict management, building consensus, effective meeting leadership, delegating, etc.
Keynote and Featured Presenters
Issues and Trends in Higher Education
Exploring new and pressing developments in higher education including subjects like campus culture, diversity, new technologies, new interdisciplinary opportunities, impacts of the growth in distance education, economic stresses on the field, changing roles and demands, etc.
Operating the Department
Exploring the practical roles and goals of the department head, including subjects like assessment, budgeting, fundraising and grant writing, faculty searches and interviewing, faculty performance and review, strategic planning, curricular development and quality, navigating accreditation, legal issues, retention, external partnerships, etc.
Special Focus: Advocacy
Sessions targeting issues highlighted to change the "what is" into "what should be."