Lima, Sendero Luminoso, Sendero, Luminoso, Peru, Civil War, War, Community Development, Sustainable, Sustainability, Political, Organization


La Guerra Sucia ( The Dirty War) was lead by a Marxist group called Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) in Perú, beginning in 1980. The goal of Sendero was to invade rural communities, gain followers (whether by choice or by force), and eventually take over the government to restore the social order. The movement was extremely violent, but the government attempted to stem the movement by committing numerous atrocities and war crimes. This caused immense distrust and fear of both sides among the inhabitants of rural Perúvean communities. As a result, refugees fled to major cities such as Lima, where they built new lives for themselves wherever there was available space. This article discusses the war and migration of the populace from rural to urban spaces, and then examines the disparities in development between resulting communities and what factors caused them.

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