Like other academic libraries, the University of Kansas (KU) Libraries has been looking for efficiencies to save money. One method of savings adopted by KU Libraries is a demand-driven acquisition (DDA) model for purchasing monographs. KU librarians were reluctant to endorse this new model until they were given the option to base DDA purchases on price. Working with YBP, a new DDA model was developed to allow subject librarians at KU to choose a price limit for purchases on approval. Any monograph over the price limit was loaded into the library catalog as a DDA. During the development of the new DDA model, subject librarians in science and technology and the social sciences agreed that electronic books would be the preferred format for the approval plan and DDA model. In this paper, KU librarians will map out the processes they used to rewrite their approval plan profile to incorporate DDA and e-preferred acquisitions.

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