weeding, collection development, serials, periodicals, rightsizing, academic libraries, strategic plan, repurposing space


Print serials collection development has long been a traditional role of academic librarians. However, in the last 20 years, academic libraries’ print serials ownership has declined and online access has begun to take its place, both partially due to concerns with flat or declining budgets as well as lack of space and the need to repurpose this limited space. Pittsburg State University’s Axe Library faces the challenge of balancing its print and electronic serials collections at a university whose programs sometimes do not draw enough on library resources. In an effort to create a meaningful discovery experience for the university community and better align Axe Library with the university’s strategic plan, the library has been rightsizing the serials collection, taking a thoughtful approach to serials collection development and weeding, reaching out to faculty for input, and repurposing space. The future goal is a PSU curriculum and research focused serials collection coupled with relevant services and resources to serve users’ needs. While significant progress has been made, there is a long ways to go.

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