Selected Papers on Noncommutative Geometry


Selected Papers on Noncommutative Geometry


Download Front matter, Table of Contents, and Foreword (370 KB)

Download 1. Skew PBS monads and representations (5.4 MB)

Download 2. Noncommutative local algebra and representations of certain rings of mathematical physics (28.7 MB)

Download 3. Noncommutative schemes (1.4 MB)

Download 4. Noncommutative affine schemes (1.9 MB)

Download 5. Reconstruction of schemes (933 KB)

Download 6. Spectra related with localizations (616 KB)

Download 7. Spectra of noncommutative spaces (399 KB)

Download 8. Spectra of ‘spaces’ represented by abelian categories (614 KB)

Download 9. Spectra, associated points, and representations (513 KB)

Download 10. Noncommutative spaces and schemes (564 KB)

Download 11. Noncommutative spaces and flat descent (823 KB)

Download 12. Noncommutative ‘Spaces’ and ‘Stacks’ (2.3 MB)

Download 13. Underlying spaces of noncommutative schemes (427 KB)

Download 14. Noncommutative Grassmannians and related constructions (309 KB)

Download 15. Noncommutative spaces (592 KB)

Download 16. Noncommutative stacks (456 KB)

Download 17. Differential calculus in noncommutative algebraic geometry I. D-calculus on noncommutative rings (35.1 MB)

Download 18. Differential calculus in noncommutative algebraic geometry I. D-calculus in the braided ease; The localization of quantized enveloping algebras (5.2 MB)

Download 19. Kashiwara theorem for hyperbolic algebras (207 KB)

Download 20. Homological algebra of noncommutative ‘spaces’ (1016 KB)

Download 21. Topics in Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry, Homological Algebra and K-theory (643 KB)

Download 22. Geometry of right exact spaces (439 KB)


This volume contains selected works of Alexander Rosenberg centering on his theory of noncommutative spaces. The articles are based on preprints published by the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, published with their permission and the permissions of the Rosenberg family. We hope that grouping the selected papers together will give the reader an opportunity to understand the broadness and deepness of Rosenberg’s ideas.



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Selected Papers on Noncommutative Geometry