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The K-State First Guide to College Student Success is a resource to help students successfully navigate their first year at Kansas State University. It serves as part of the K-State First mission to create an outstanding university experience for every first-year student by helping with the transition to college-level learning and college life. The textbook helps improve chances for student success by focusing on fostering campus community, offering resources for diverse activities, highlighting academic expectations, and empowering students with personal responsibility and social agency. Instructors are encouraged to use the textbook in their K-State First classes, and it is also offered as a direct resource for students.

The information included within allows students the chance to explore the general history and traditions of Kansas State University, how to foster positive relationships, maintain personal health, and offers academic and social resources. Sections focus on expectations for students and their behavior inside and outside the classroom. Skills such as time management, information literacy, writing, and financial literacy are also explored in detail. The diversity section encourages students to recognize the importance of varying perspectives and relationships while in their college communities.

Also offered within this textbook are health and wellness resources that link directly to specific pages on the K-State website, and discussion points and resources linked to the KSBN Common Book that every first-year student reads each year. Several students involved in the K-State First programs also offer their personal advice throughout the book as a way to provide an understanding of the real-world implications of the advice and information in The K-State First Guide to College Student Success.

Ultimately, this guide encourages students to become engaged learners and to enjoy their educations and college experiences, inside and outside the classroom.



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The K-State First Guide to College Student Success: The Essentials for First-Year Students at Kansas State University

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