Several selectable genes have been reported for construction of filamentous fungal transformation vectors. Among the most widely used is the hygB (also known as hph) gene of E. coli, which is generally useful because the corresponding selective agent (hygromycin B) is toxic to wild type strains of many fungi and because scoring of transformants is usually unambiguous. We, and others (Avalos et al. 1989 Curr. Genet. 16:369-372), have found that the same merits are evident using bialaphos (or phosphinothricin) as a selective agent and the bar gene (DeBlock et al. 1987 EMBO J. 6:2513-2518), which encodes phosphinothricin acetyltransferase, as a selectable marker. We report here the construction of three vectors which carry bar as the selectable gene and have easily exchangeable parts as well as convenient cloning sites.

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