Present knowledge of junction sequences is inadequate for understanding how chromosome rearrangements originate. In N. crassa, cloned segments are known to cover breakpoints of T(IR->VIR)UK-T12 (Asch et al. 1992 Genetics 130:737-748), T(VR;VIL)mpr15-2 am (E.B. Cambareri and J. A. Kinsey, personal communication), T(IR;IIR)4637 al-1 (Schmidhauser et al. 1990 Mol. Cell. Biol. 10:5064-5070), T(IR->VII;I;IV)AR173 (Kang and Metzenberg 1990 Mol. Cell Biol. 10:5839-5848; S. D. Haedo, personal communication), T(IR->VII)TM429 his-3 (Catcheside and Angel 1974 Aust. J. Biol. Sci. 27:219-229; Legerton and Yanofsky 1985 Gene 39:129-140, T(VIL->IR)IBj5 cpc-1 (Paluh et al. 1990 Genetics 124:599-606), T(IR->VL)AR190 (Butler 1992 Genetics 131:581-592), and T(IIL->IIIR)AR18 and T(IIL->VI)P2869 (M. L. Smith and N. L. Glass, personal communication). However, nucleotide sequencing across junctions has been accomplished only for the first two.

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