In the last decade, a trend of consumer skepticism toward the agricultural industry has emerged. The consumer is demanding to know how food is grown, processed, its origin, and its content. At the same time, these same consumers are increasingly voicing their concerns and fueling the fire of misperception through the use of social media. Many organizations are counteracting these misperceptions by developing food campaigns detailing the food production process from the farm to the table. In this qualitative case study, McDonald’s social media video campaign, “Our Food, Your Questions” was analyzed to determine how a specific corporation provided content in particular frames to meet consumers’ demand for food-based information. Findings from this study suggest user-generated content helped develop the content for the social media campaign in terms of video topics and specific content addressed. Further, content in these videos were framed to help viewers connect to the video content and messages and to show that the company participates in socially responsible behavior. The recommendations and implications provide suggestions on how agricultural communicators could incorporate multimedia content into their campaigns to better facilitate communication.

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