Special Issue call for papers: The essential role of Self of The Financial Therapist in Financial Therapy

January 2023:

Aims & Scope:

The Journal of Financial Therapy is an interdisciplinary journal focused on publishing research that explores the intersection of psychological, relational, and financial factors that impact financial well-being and overall well-being.

The Journal of Financial Therapy is calling for papers for a special issue:The essential role of Self of The Financial Therapist in Financial Therapy. The purpose of this special edition of the Journal of Financial Therapy is to explore and expand what is known about the concept of the self of the financial therapist and its impact on the financial therapy relationship. The concept builds from the therapy field and the self of the therapist. There are currently no published academic or practitioner papers on the specific topic of Self of The Financial Therapist. It is, however, argued in other articles that the use of the self is the single most important factor in forming the therapeutic relationship (Miller & Baldwin, 2000).

The developmental arch of seeing oneself as a financial therapist is still new and needs further research developing literature on the development of the self of the financial therapist and the use of the self of the financial therapist in financial therapy seeks to increase the foundation from which financial therapy is practiced and researched. Understanding what happens to a person's sense of self and interpersonal relationships as they pursue the work of being a financial therapist is essential in the formation and development of financial therapy practice. Gaining clarity on how the self of the financial therapist impacts financial therapy outcomes is essential to the positive outcomes of financial therapy. Academics and practitioners are encouraged to look at the general literature on the self of the therapist articles, as well as literate related to the topic for addictions therapists, sex therapists, eating disorders therapists, and other specialist-focused therapy.

This special issue will focus on these topics:

  1. The role and limits of financial therapist self-disclosure.
  2. Implications for future financial therapy supervision of new financial therapists.
  3. Experiences in personal financial therapy.
  4. Existential and identity questions of who am I as a financial therapist.
  5. The Unique and universal issues of being a financial therapist.
  6. Issues related to financial transference and countertransference.
  7. Use of self and understanding of self within different models of financial therapy.

Other topics that contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the role of the self of the financial therapist in financial therapy are welcome. We encourage various methodologies, including qualitative research, systematic reviews, theoretical papers, and empirical research. Papers that articulate clear connections among theory, research, and practice will be given priority.

Submitted manuscripts should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal’s standard peer-review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit, and relevance to the special issue. Papers accepted for publication will be published in a standard issue of the journal to avoid delay in publication. We expect to publish the special issue in the fall of 2023.

All submissions should follow JFT Guidelines and should be submitted online in the usual way for the journal (http://jftonline.org). Authors should indicate that the paper is being submitted for consideration for publication in this special issue; otherwise, the submission will be handled as a regular manuscript.

Paper submissions are due by May 15, 2023. All submissions will undergo standard peer review and are not guaranteed to be accepted. If a manuscript is submitted to a special issue but is more appropriate for a regular issue, then the editor may transfer the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief for the regular review process.

The deadline for submissions is May 15, 2023. The review process will begin from the due date. For more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief () or the Guest Editor of the Special Issue ().

The special issue has been determined by the executive committee of the Financial Therapy Association as an essential topic to explore, develop through empirical research, and disseminate best practices, given the growing number of Certified Financial Therapist-I™.


Sarah Asebedo, Ph.D., CFP ®, Texas Tech University, USA (She/Her)

Guest Editor:

Ed Coambs, MBA, MA, MS, CFP®, CFT-I™, LMFT, Healthy Love and Money, LLC.


Miller, G. D., & Baldwin, D. C. (2000). Implications of the wounded healer paradigm for the use of self in therapy. The use of self in therapy, 2, 243-261.