Soybean, turkey litter, fertilizer, residual, tillage


Increased fertilizer prices in recent years, especially noticeable when the cost of phosphorus spiked in 2008, have led U.S. producers to consider other alternatives, including manure sources. The use of poultry litter as an alternative to fertilizer is of particular interest in southeastern Kansas because large amounts of poultry litter are imported from nearby confined animal feeding operations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Annual application of turkey litter can affect the current crop, but information is lacking concerning any residual effects from several continuous years of poultry litter applications on a following crop. This is especially true for tilled soil compared with no-till because production of most annual cereal crops on the claypan soils of the region is often negatively affected by no-till planting. The objective of this study was to determine if the residual from fertilizer and poultry litter applications under tilled or no-till systems affects soybean yield and growth.

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