limit feeding, rumination, activity


Objective: Utilizing new technologies such as Allflex eSense Ear Tags to (Allflex Livestock Intelligence, Madison, WI) evaluate the impacts of limit feeding a high-energy diet in the backgrounding phase on daily rumination and activity in growing cattle.

Study Description: This project was conducted in conjunction with the performance backgrounding study at the Kansas State University Beef Stocker Unit in 2019. Crossbred heifers (n = 418) were outfitted with an ear tag that measured rumination and activity throughout the day and the 84-day backgrounding study. This data was continuously collected via an onsite antenna, downloaded to a computer, and analyzed in a software program.

The Bottom Line: High-energy, limit-fed cattle ruminate less than high roughage, ad libitum cattle by 45 minutes in this study. There were no detected differences in animal activity.

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