This study provides a picture of the impact the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) had on action research performed by graduate students at a small Midwest university. A qualitative case study was conducted to examine how the participants’ abilities to implement their research, gather data, and analyze the results was impacted by COVID-19. Participants were asked a series of questions regarding modifications made, the impact to the research that was done, the impact to their findings, and implications for future research. Based on the responses to these surveys, researchers determined four prominent themes; altered timelines, limited access to data and materials, quality of academic work, and long term impacts. Overall, while most participants were impacted by COVID-19, few were discouraged. Considering the research findings of this study, education can greatly be enhanced by a shift in mindset about the processes of teaching and lessons learned by the pandemic.

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Victoria Seeger, NBCT, PhD, Northwest Missouri State University, vseeger@nwmissouri.edu Troy Fredde, NBCT, MSEd, Academic Coach and Reading Specialist, jayhawkrtroy@gmail.com Brianna O'Neal, MSEd, Mathematics Teacher, briannao@nwmissouri.edu Johnna Stewart, MSEd, Special Education Teacher, johnnalynne96@gmail.com

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