Case Study, West Virginia, Production-Animal Veterinarian Shortage, Production Animals, Rural Services


This study reports the results of studies conducted to explore solutions to the shortage of veterinarians to service production animal and rural service needs. Based on the results, various programs are recommended to be implemented and directed toward rectification of the national shortage of production-animal veterinary services and rural farm service large-animal veterinarians in the United States. These programs are enumerated, promoted and evaluated for Productivity, Difficulty of implementation and Overall Payoff in meeting the issue. Results based on experience and professional guidance from the communities of livestock owners and production-animal veterinarians indicate that the following programs should be prioritized nationally: State sponsored tuition relief for veterinary students in return for a term of service to rural production-animal service following graduation.Regional veterinary clinics augmented by state supported veterinary treatment vans.Scholarships directed toward students expressing interest in large-animal veterinary medicine.Modification of treatment and drug administration laws to allow a fuller function for veterinary technicians in the treatment of production animals in rural environments.

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