Volume 7, Issue 1 (2012) Wellness Activities of Rural Older Adults in the Great Plains

Growing interest in healthier aging coincides with the comprehensive whole person wellness model, defined by Hettler (2003), that includes physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and social dimensions. This study examined current activities for older adults in rural senior centers in the Great Plains. A mail survey was administered to the directors of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska senior centers. Findings indicate that only 15 percent of the senior centers in the three states offered activities for all six wellness dimensions. To accommodate activities in a rural senior center, both programs and space for the programs for diverse activities should be addressed.

This issue also includes a book review submitted by Peter A. Kindle - Survival of Rural America: Small Victories and Bitter Harvests by Richard E. Wood.

(Posted Online on February 21, 2012)


Book Review