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The purpose of the Online Journal of Rural Research and Policy is to expand publication opportunities for scholars in our field. The journal is a peer-reviewed, online publication. It publishes academic and community-based research, commentary, and policy articles focused on the Great Plains in a way that is of interest to both academic and community audiences. The goal is not only to present theory, but to stimulate discussion, encourage more research on rural issues, and improve access to information that promotes decision-making that enhances rural people and places.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2 (2016) An Econometric Analysis of the Nebraska Livestock Friendly County Program


This article examines whether the Nebraska Livestock Friendly County Program (LFCP) has resulted in cattle and hog expansion in the state as intended. The analysis draws on the theory of long-run competitive equilibrium to specify econometric models that identify the determinants of cattle and hog farm numbers. Using county level census data, the econometric models were estimated with heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errors and corrected for multicollinearity using the variance inflation factor procedure. Results show an effect of LFCP on both cattle and hog expansion.



An Econometric Analysis of the Nebraska Livestock Friendly County Program
Brian Mills, Azzeddine Azzam, Kathleen Brooks, and David Aiken