About This Journal

Editorial Mission

The Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy (OJRRP) publishes peer-reviewed academic and community-based research, commentary and policy articles that address issues related to the Great Plains. We also publish invited articles from leading researchers. Research in a broad range of areas-art to zoology, engineering to modern languages, community development to geography-are appropriate. The only criteria we require is that the information offered is related to the Great Plains. This region-undergoing major change and the accompanying stress on its social and economic infrastructure-needs new ideas that can flow from research and discussion. OJRRP offers a unique subject-driven platform for this research, while generating conversations through its book reviews and blogs.

Focus and Scope

Reports of original investigations in any area of research and policy that specifically affect areas within the Great Plains region are sought. Scholars, students, community development practitioners and policy makers are encouraged to submit original articles for review. We encourage submissions on topics in all disciplines: arts, sciences, education, engineering, agriculture, architecture, law, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, public health, the environment, ethnicity, demographics and others. Also, non-academic policy essays dealing with Great Plains issues—both historical and current—are very welcome. For information on whether your work "fits" with the mission of the Journal, please contact Dr. Mary Kohn at kohn@ksu.edu.

The researcher's method is important only with regard only to its suitability for the study undertaken. The diversity of the field of mass communication should mean that we will accept studies employing a wide variety of methods.

The journal recruits invited works and, at the same time, is a peer-reviewed publication. The editors will review manuscripts, send them out to reviewers and will advise co-editors. As typical with peer review, the reviewer does not know the identity of the author. The result of the review may be acceptance, acceptance contingent on revision, or rejection.