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The Soils Laboratory Manual, K-State Edition is designed for students in undergraduate, introductory soil science courses, and highlights the many aspects of soil science, including: soil genesis and classification, soil physical properties, soil-water interaction, soil biology, soil chemistry, and soil fertility. The lab manual includes 15 different laboratories, each one starting with an introduction and pre-lab assignment, followed by in-lab activities, and complimented by post-lab assignment. In-lab activities involve field trips, experiments, observation stations, or problem sets. Post-lab assignments include online quizzes, problem sets, or laboratory summary reports.

The Soils Laboratory Manual, K-State Edition is used in Kansas State University’s AGRON 305 class, and is based on the Soils Laboratory Manual, NC State Edition used in North Carolina State University’s SSC 201 class. The Soils Laboratory Manual, K-State Edition was originally published as a supplement to ‘An Open-Source Laboratory Manual for Introductory Undergraduate Soil Science Courses’ in Natural Sciences Education, Vol. 46:170013, and is also available for download at Moorberg and Crouse presented information about the manual at NACTA 2017, in West Lafayette, Indiana. Supporting materials, assignments, instructor versions, and DOCX and RTF files of the lab manual are available at The lab manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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Soils Laboratory Manual, K-State Edition