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CYBER-HUMAN SYSTEMS, SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, AND THREATS is our eighth textbook in a series covering the world of UASs / CUAS/ UUVs / SPACE. Other textbooks in our series are Space Systems Emerging Technologies and Operations; Drone Delivery of CBNRECy – DEW Weapons: Emerging Threats of Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction and Disruption (WMDD); Disruptive Technologies with applications in Airline, Marine, Defense Industries; Unmanned Vehicle Systems & Operations On Air, Sea, Land; Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies and Operations; Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Cyber Domain: Protecting USA’s Advanced Air Assets, 2nd edition; and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the Cyber Domain Protecting USA’s Advanced Air Assets, 1st edition. Our previous seven titles have received considerable global recognition in the field. (Nichols & Carter, 2022) (Nichols, et al., 2021) (Nichols R. K., et al., 2020) (Nichols R. , et al., 2020) (Nichols R. , et al., 2019) (Nichols R. K., 2018) (Nichols R. K., et al., 2022)



Publication Date

Fall 8-15-2023


New Prairie Press


Manhattan, Kansas


Randall K. Nichols


Space Systems, Space Technologies, Space Operations, Space Domain Awareness, Astrobiology, Hypersonic drones and missiles Cyber-Human Systems, Robotics, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence, Remote Sensing & Surveillance, Celestial Positioning, Orbits, Space Mobility, Space Domains, Kinetic Kill Vehicles, Satellite Killers, Space Electronic Warfare, Jamming, Spoofing, ECD, ISR, Earth Traces, EMS, GPS/GNSS, Manufacturing in Space, Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities, Space Platforms, DEW, EMP, Trash Collection and Tracking in Space, ASATs, Leveraging Space, Bio-Threats to Agriculture, Containment, Eradication & Control, Agricultural-Bioterrorism, Immersive Systems, V.R., ER, AGVs, Space-Farming, Civilian Use of Space, Environmental Tracking, Wildlife Tracking, Fire Risk Zone Identification, Humanitarian use of Space Technologies, Biological weapons, cyber weapons, WMDD, kinetic energy weapons, Deception, Biological Threat Agents, Bioterrorism, Bioweapons, Biodefense, biological, virus, pathogen, biological warfare, disturbing technologies, emerging technologies, Unmanned Vehicles, Underwater Autonomous Vehicles, Space Systems Operations and Technologies Course, Space Operations Books, Cyber Human Domain, AI/ML professional


Aerospace Engineering

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Cyber-Human Systems, Space  Technologies, and Threats