Among Neurospora cultures sent to us by Daniel Le Pierres and Assienan Bernard from the vicinity of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, were two mixed cultures that made 8-spored asci when inoculated to synthetic crossing medium of Westergaard and Mitchell (1947) with filter paper as the only carbon source. Pure cultures of each mating type were obtained from conidial platings and were found to be sterile with all of the previously known species but highly fertile with some other Ivory Coast cultures (21 in addition to the first four). For all of these strains there has not been any mating reaction observed with N. sitophila or N. discreta, but it is barely possible to assign mating type from spot crosses on a lawn of N. crassa fl, and under optimum conditions there is sometimes formation of barren, unbeaked perithecia with N. intermedia. The new strains do not act as female parents on medium to which sucrose has been added.

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