The white collar mutants have been shown to be blocked in several blue light regulated processes in Neurospora crassa (Harding, R.W. and R.V. Turner 1981 Plant Physiol. 68:745-749; Harding, R.W. and S. Melles 1983 Plant Physiol. 72:996-1000; Degli- Innocenti, F. and V.E.A. Russo 1984 J. Bacteriol. 159:757-761; Russo, V.E.A. 1988 J. Photochem. Photobiol. 2:59-65). As reported by J. Aguilar and R. Harding at the 16th Fungal Genetics Conference (Poster Session 1, Abstract 3), a compound has been isolated and identified which accumulates in the growth medium of a white collar-2 mutant (D. Perkins stock 9896-5, identical in wc genotype to FGSC 3818, which is a sibling). A proposed chemical structure of this compound was presented.

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