About This Journal


Originally published by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at Washington University in St. Louis, and republished here as an open access title with their kind permission.

Washington University in St. Louis - Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures


The Libraries at Washington University graciously lent us their run of the GDR Bulletin for scanning purposes.

The Libraries at Kansas State University, which founded and support New Prairie Press, digitized and uploaded the files and created all accompanying information.

Notes on the digital edition

In order to present as much material as possible without bogging down in details, many sections of the journal--particularly from the early years--are published here as whole sections without any indication as to their actual content. For example, there are sections such as Notes in Brief and Forthcoming Conferences. In many cases, these sections do contain bylines, but these have not been captured in the abstracts.

If any scholars interested in the field and the journal are inclined to improve the descriptions or to provide more detailed abstracts, we would be pleased to grant access to the database for this purpose. Simply contact the press at info (at) newprairiepress.org.

Digital production information

Digitization project manager and metadata wrangler
Dale Askey, McMaster University, Canada

Scanning technicians at Kansas State University Libraries
Sandy Douglass
Linda Marston

Open access

Republishing the journal as an open access online publication with article level details opens up its content to everyone with an interest in the field.

GDR Bulletin is made available online by New Prairie Press as a service to scholars and students of German literature. We gratefully acknowledge the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at Washington University in St. Louis for their consent and the Libraries at Washington University for their loan of their print copy.