Mentorship is an essential component of professional development for young and emerging scholars. In partnership with the Kellogg Health Scholars Program, the American Academy of Health Behavior (AAHB) developed the 12-month Research Scholars Mentorship Program (RSMP) as a mechanism to facilitate high-quality mentorship interactions among junior and seasoned investigators within the Academy. This article provides a rationale, history, and description of the RSMP, as well as the collective scholarly achievements of the Cohorts and future directions. To date, 44 Pairs have initiated or completed the program. Products written and submitted by the Pairs during the 12-month mentorship period have included grants (n = 21), peer-reviewed manuscripts (n = 64), and book chapters (n = 2). Additionally, Pairs have collaborated to initiate new studies (n = 10) and develop new courses (n = 1). AAHB’s commitment to mentorship and professional development fueled the development of the RSMP to foster inclusive scholarship, expand membership, and promote productivity. The 12-month RSMP is a model for formal mentorship within professional organizations in that it facilitates Mentee-Mentor Pairs to enhance their professional and research trajectories through the execution of processes and development of products.

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