The cigarillo purchase task is a novel procedure modeled after the cigarette purchase task. This procedure can be used to assess the reinforcing value, or the positive behavioral response, to cigarillo products. Little research has used the cigarillo purchase task and the aim of the current study was to evaluate user’s understanding of and thoughts about a cigarillo purchase task. A convenience sample of young adults ages 21-28 were recruited online to participate in semi-structured interviews about cigarillo and e-cigarette use. The analysis included responses from participants who were current users of cigarillos (n=7) or cigarillos and e-cigarettes (n=8). Audio-recorded interviews conducted remotely were coded by two researchers and thematic analysis was implemented. Emergent themes were related to purchasing price, budget, normal cigarillo usage, cigarillo pack size, and time frame of use. Increased use was mentioned when products were free. When cigarillos were expensive, others introduced strategies to circumvent the 24-hour purchase period of the task. Comments were also made that budget is important and using a calculator during the task is helpful. Finally, some commented that selling in individual units wasn’t realistic and made it more difficult to purchase. Results suggest modifications to the task, including depiction of cigarillo pack size and use of a budget calculator. These enhancements support usability and replicability of results when implementing this purchase task in health behavior and tobacco control research.

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