Alcohol and cannabis are two of the most widely used substances among young people, and availability and price are two of the most significant determinants of use. Four Loko products contain up to 5.5 standard alcoholic drinks in a single can, are one of the least expensive ready-to-drink alcohol products on the market and are commonly consumed by underage drinkers. Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive substance with no federal regulations regarding minimum purchase age, ingredients and synthesis, marketing, and testing for potency or contaminants. Delta-8 THC products can be inexpensively synthesized and are sold for low prices. Given that young people often use both products, and use of these products can result in negative consequences, it is important to understand whether these products are being sold in the same stores, which would indicate the presence of niche stores marketing high-risk, youth-oriented substances. This study included 360 locations with off-premise beer or beer/wine licenses in Fort Worth, Texas. Locations were called and asked whether they sold Delta-8 THC. Four Loko’s availability was determined using the manufacturer’s website. A logistic regression model examined associations between the availability of Delta-8 THC and Four Loko. Of the 360 locations, 38% sold Four Loko and 9% sold Delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC availability was significantly associated with higher odds of Four Loko availability (OR=2.15,95%CI=1.05,4.43). Given the associations between the retail availability of Delta-8 THC and Four Loko, policies that limit access to such products, including near schools and in stores that youth patronize, may be warranted.

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