About This Journal

Pedagogy & (Im)Possibilities across Education Research (PIPER), is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of educational studies.

PIPER offers a space to consider rethinking and reworking current issues in education research, inviting especially the most unexplored and uncertain framings that result from the cultural, economic, historical, political, and social factors of education. We invite these (im)possible framings to discern tensions and create bridges of understanding that may not yet exist in education research. We provide researchers, practitioners, and students a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, conceptualizations, and practices. We are particularly interested in critical analyses of curriculum, pedagogy, and educational contexts that affect historically marginalized communities, normalize systematic discrimination, and utilize intersectionalities to explain the forces influencing education.

We welcome authors to submit manuscripts that use a wide-array of epistemological stances, methodologies, and interdisciplinary perspectives and/or approaches. We consider manuscripts that are theoretically dedicated and/or empirically grounded, which emphasize tensions in curriculum, pedagogy, and engaged learning in all US and international educational contexts.

The goal of this journal is to advance our understanding of school systems, individual schools, classrooms, homes, communities, organizations, teacher development, technologies, social spaces, processes, practices, and student experiences - to collectively push the boundaries of what is possible in educational theory and practice.