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Saturday, January 1st
8:10 AM

Self-direction in adult learning: What we have learned and what we need to know

Ralph G. Brockett, University of Tennessee, Knoxvile
Rosemary S. Caffarella, University of Northern Colorado
Lorraine A. Cavaliere, Penn State-Great Valley
Lucy M. Guglielmino, Florida Atlantic University
Carol E. Kasworm, University of Tennessee, Knoxvile
Huey B. Long, University of Oklahoma

8:10 AM

8:20 AM

Learning from the Highlander experience: Contributions of the post-civil rights period

Tom Heaney, Lindeman Center
Judy Austermiller, Boehm Foundation
Lee Williams, University of Tennessee
John Gaventa, University of Tennessee

8:20 AM

8:30 AM

Giving practitioners a say: Participatory models of research for adult basic education mathematics

Ester D. Leonelli
Martha W. Merson
Bonnie B. Mullinix

8:30 AM