African Diaspora Pre-Conference

The purpose of this pre-conference is to provide a forum in which graduate students can engage in research and critically dialogue about theoretical and practical issues related to the education of adults in the African Diaspora.

Call for Proposals

Asian Adult Education (AAE) Annual Conference

The Asian Adult Education (AAE) Annual Conference is the American Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) pre-conference. The 14th Asian Adult Education Conference, in conjunction with the American Adult Education Research Conference (AERC), will be held in Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma University, USA, on June 1-4, 2023. The theme of this year's Asian Adult Education Conference is: Bridging the East-West-Other divide: Leveraging Collaboration and communication for adult and continuing education research, practice, and future development.

The Asian Adult Education Annual Conference began in 2003. Its former name was the Asian Diaspora Adult Education pre-conference in conjunction with Adult Education Research Conference (AERC). The steady development over the past 20 years has made it the leading pre-conference in the North American Adult Education Research Annual Conference, actively promoting and co-constructing the academic development of North American adult education.

The mission of the Asian Adult Education Conference (AAE) is to provide an academic exchange platform for adult education scholars from the East, West, and Rest, especially those who are interested in conducting research on Asian adult education research, in promoting mutual learning, enhance shared understanding, and stimulate academics viewpoints, and dialogue from multiple perspectives.

The 14th Asian Adult Education Conference (AAE) continues to uphold its mission to actively serve adult education researchers, adult educators, scholars, policymakers and implementers, and related professional doctoral and master students from multiple regions and cultural backgrounds. This conference provides varied opportunities for scholars and graduate students to study and display their academic achievements and research reports. This year, we will continue providing multiple forms of academic exchanges, actively facilitating in-depth discussions, learning from and thinking among scholars, and promoting academic collaborations. We will organize various activities for scholars, educators, and graduate students during the conference to enrich academic sharing and cultural interactions.

The AAE Steering Committee sincerely invites you to submit your proposals (there are three forms). The proposals submitted will go through a double-blind review. Results will be announced in mid-April. Call for Proposals

Accepted papers will be included in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings. In addition, the peer-reviewed academic journal Special Issue will give priority to accepted and presented authors for publication. After the papers are accepted, information about conference proceedings and publication will be provided to the authors.

Bullying, Incivility, and Violence in Adult, Higher, Continuing, and Professional Education Pre-Conference

The purpose of the Bullying, Incivility, and Violence in Adult, Higher, Continuing, and Professional Education Pre-Conference is to explore research on bullying, incivility, and violence and gain a better understanding of those malicious behaviors so that adult educators and practitioners can create actions to combat and try to eliminate bullying, incivility, and violence. This year’s pre-conference is titled, Transforming Academic Culture through Adult Education Research to Help Eliminate Bullying, Incivility, and Violence for All, and focuses on providing an opportunity for scholars, practitioners, and learners to have a critical dialogue about empirical, theoretical, and practical issues of bullying, incivility, and violence in adult, higher, continuing, and professional education.

Call for Proposals