The Kansas State University Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture provides a forum for discussion of statistical issues motivated by a wide range of research problems in the discipline of agriculture in its broadest sense, including traditional agriculture as well as in related research areas such as genetics, biology, ecology, and the environment. The conference brings together statisticians from academia, industry and government as well as discipline researchers, to discuss ideas and advancements in the application of statistics to solving such problems.

This is a three-day conference consisting of a keynote speaker, workshop, a series of contributed papers and poster presentations. The conference has a relaxed atmosphere to encourage discussions on papers and presentations with authors and other participants. This communication en hances collaborative interactions between statisticians and researchers.

The Kansas State University Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture is unique in that it emphasizes the application of statistics in solving real-life problems in agriculture and related areas, while recognizing the joint effort of the statistician and researchers. Presentations made jointly by collaborating statisticians and researchers are strongly encouraged. Presentation of data sets and analyses which motivated the work shares equal importance with development of the statistical theory. Papers on either new or innovative applications of existing statistical methodologies are appropriate for presentation at this conference.

Each year, authors are invited to submit written versions of their papers for possible publication in the refereed proceedings of the conference.