Kansas State University has always been proud of its land-grant heritage. Whether by welcoming students to its campus or taking university expertise to people across the state and around the world, K-State has taken seriously its mandate to make the resources of the university open and accessible to all. K-State faculty have a rich history of working with Kansans and communities worldwide. This collaborative work is captured in the idea of engagement. Engagement emphasizes campus and community partnerships - through research, teaching and service - where groups collaborate on critical issues in reciprocal, mutually beneficial ways.

To develop more extensive, effective partnerships, K-State created the Center for Engagement and Community Development - a campus-wide resource dedicated to providing value to both university and off-campus communities through expanded outreach and engagement. On campus, we advocate for, facilitate and celebrate engaged initiatives. For our off-campus partners, we serve as a portal to expert university faculty and resources that address community needs, goals and dreams. We function as liaison for groups, agencies and communities connecting with faculty to tackle development needs and opportunities, in areas of economic development, community coaching, public health, entrepreneurship, arts development, environmental stewardship and community visioning. University expertise and resources are wide ranging; community goals and dreams are unlimited.