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Granqvist, Raoul, editor. Canonization and Teaching of African Literature. Matatu 7 by Claire L. Dehon

Margolis, Joseph. Texts Without Referents: Reconciling Science and Narrative by David J. Depew

Keitel, Evelyne. Reading Psychosis, Readers, Texts and psychoanalysis by Reinhild Steingrover

Shaviro, Steven. Passion and excess: Blanchot, Bataille, and Literary Theory by Steven Ungar

Kellner, Douglas. Jean Baudrillard From Marxism to Postmodernism and Beyond by Allan Stoeld

Pecorora, Vincent P. Self & Form in Modern Narrative by Walter A. Strauss

Jordan, Barry. Writers and Politics in Franco's Spain by Salvador J. Fajardo

Motard-Noar, Martine. Les Fictions d'Hélène Cixous. Une autre lanque de femme by Randi Brox Birn

Alexandrov, Vladimir E. Nabokov's Otherworld by Dale E. Peterson

Baker, Peter. Obdurate Brilliance: Exteriority and the Modern Long Poem by Steven Winspur

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