Elke Erb


Translated, James Rolleston, East German poet, examines, production, 1991-1995, Precise images, image, animals, landscapes, primeval, immediate, poetic unconscious, poetry, unconscious, self-questioning, autobiographical, professional, social, linguistic, play, work, social order, intimate, time, capitalist, capitalist collectivity, Friederike Mayröcker, change


Translated by James Rolleston et al.

An East German poet examines her own production in the years 1991-1995. Precise images, e.g. of animals and landscapes both primeval and immediate, are correlated with the precise date and manner of their emergence from the poetic unconscious. The poet's self-questioning is autobiographical, professional, and social: What is the correlation between linguistic work and play and the ongoing transformation of a social order? What do intimate moments and enigmatic images tell us about the new realities of a capitalist collectivity? A key to the meaning of wrenching change is found in Erb's intensive involvement with the work of an older poet, Friederike Mayröcker.

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