Culture and Theory

Conley, Verena Andermatt, ed. Rethinking Technologies by Laurence M. Porter

Leitch, Vincent B. Cultural Criticism, Literary Theory, Poststructuralism by Merry M. Pawlowski

French Studies

Bersani, Leo and Ulysse Dutoit. Arts of Impoverishment: Beckett, Rothko, Resnais by Thomas Trezise

Boldt-Irons, Leslie Anne. On Bataille: Critical Essays by Walter A. Strauss

Deleuze, Gilles. Negotiations. Trans. Martin Joughin by Charles J. Stivale

Fisher, Dominique D. Staging of Language and Language(s) of the Stage: Mallarmé's poëme critique and Artaud's poetry-minus-text by Maryse Fauvel

Goodall, Jane. Artaud and the Gnostic Drama by Claudine G. Fisher

Lydon, Mary. Skirting the Issue: Essays in Literary Theory by Carol J. Murphy

German Studies

Barnouw, Dagmar. Critical Realism: History, Photography, and the Work of Siegfried Kracauer by Florence Martin

Pfandl-Buchegger, Ingrid. David Lodge als Literaturkritiker, Theoretiker and Romanautor by Charles A. Grair

Samuels, Clarise. Holocaust Visions: Surrealism and Existentialism in the Poetry of Paul Celan by Francis Michael Sharp

Stefan, Verena. Shedding and Literally Dreaming. Shedding. Trans. Johanna Steigleder Moore and Beth E. Weckmueller; Literally Dreaming. Trans. Johanna Albert and Tobe Levin; "Euphoria and Cacophony." Trans. and Afterword Tobe Levin by Miriam Frank

Stern, J.P. The Dear Purchase: A Theme in German Modernism by Theodore Ziolkowski

Russian Studies

Berry, Ellen E. and Anesa Miller-Pogacer, eds. Re-Entering the Sign: Articulating New Russian Culture by Rolf Hellebust

Erlich, Victor. Modernism and Revolution: Russian Literature in Transition by Henry Elbaum

Hohne, Karen and Helen Wussow, eds. A Dialogue of Voices: Feminist Literary Theory and Bakhtin by Laura Beraha

Masing-Delic, Irene. Abolishing Death: A Salvation Myth of Russian Twentieth-Century Literature by Rolf Hellebust

Paperno, Irina and Joan Delaney Grossman, eds. Creating Life: The Aesthetic Utopia of Russian Modernism by Constantin V. Ponomareff

Spanish Studies

Cardenal, Ernesto. The Doubtful Strait. Trans. John Lyons by Juan Carlos Galeano

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. Of Love and Other Demons by John Cussen

Lindstrom, Naomi. Twentieth-Century Spanish American Fiction by Norma Helsper

Meyer, Doris, Ed. Reinterpreting the Spanish American Essay: Women Writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries by Judy Maloof and Fernando Unzueta

Nantell, Judith. The Poetry of Francisco Brines: The Deconstructive Effects of Languages by Anita M. Hart

Taylor, Diana and Juan Villegas, Eds. Negotiating Performance: Gender, Sexuality, & Theatricality in Latin America by Anne M. Pasero

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