Jean-Paul Sartre, Candice Nicolas, Latina Feminism, repression, Resistance, Chicana Literature, Mexicana Literature, Yajaira M. Padilla, French Fiction, Aesthetics of Crisis, Martine Motard-Noar, Empire, Tourism, Nostalgia, Galya Diment, Chernobyl, Oral History, Nuclear Disaster, Teresa Polowy, Gabriel García Márquez, David William Foster


Christine Daigle. Jean-Paul Sartre by Candice Nicolas

Anna Marie Sandoval. Toward a Latina Feminism of the Americas: Repression and Resistance in Chicana and Mexicana Literature by Yajaira M. Padilla

Ruth Cruickshank. Fin de millénaire French Fiction: The Aesthetics of Crisis by Martine Motard-Noar

Sanna Turoma. Brodsky Abroad: Empire, Tourism, Nostalgia by Galya Diment

Svetlana Alexievich. Voices from Chernobyl: the Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster by Teresa Polowy

Leslie Raymond Williams. A Companion to Gabriel García Márquez by David William Foster

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