book review, German-Jewish Literature, Kafka, Selves, Textual Selves, Visual Selves, Derrida, Jacques Derrida, Women's Autobiography, Plural Subjectivity, global, global age, francophone


David Palumbo-Liu. The Deliverance of Others: Reading Literature in a Global Age. by Paul Cahill

Natalie Edwards. Shifting Subjects. Plural Subjectivity in Contemporary Francophone Women’s Autobiography by Anna Rocca

Zsuzsu Baross. Posthumously: For Jacques Derrida by Stephen Barker

Natalie Edwards, Amy L. Hubbell, and Ann Miller, eds. Textual and Visual Selves by Rachel Gabara

Stephen M. Hart. Gabriel García Márquez by Regina Janes

Vivian Liska. When Kafka Says We: Uncommon Communities in German-Jewish Literature by Tyler Whitney

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Creative Commons License
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