corn, planting date, late planting


Planting date studies have been conducted for corn over many years. Often the focus has been to determine optimum planting date for maximizing yield. In some areas, planting early-maturing corn hybrids as early as possible has been a successful strategy for avoiding hot, dry conditions at the critical pollination and early grain fill stages. Planting later can be an alternative strategy that attempts to avoid the most intense heat by moving the critical growth stages for corn centered around pollination to later in the growing season. This strategy has been adopted by some growers in areas that often encounter heat and moisture stress during the growing season. However, crop insurance cutoff dates for planting are earlier than some farmers may want to plant some of their corn acres. The purpose of these studies was to assess the yield potential for corn planted after the insurance planting cutoff date and to compare corn yields from a wide range of planting dates. Corn planted from the second week of June until even the 4th week can yield from 50 to 70% of the highest yield of the earlier planting dates.

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