The Journal of Applied Communications is a quarterly, refereed journal published by the Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences (ACE). The Journal of Applied Communications focuses specifically on issues and topics relevant to agricultural and applied communication professionals and is peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and quality.


Effective for all new manuscripts submitted June 1, 2020 and beyond, the Journal is now collecting a $150 publishing fee per article to support the work involved in sustaining the journal. This publishing fee is WAIVED if at least one of the authors is a current dues-paying member of ACE. Annual dues for professional members of ACE is $160, and for students/recent graduates, it's $80. Other types of memberships are available as well. This policy does NOT apply to articles that were already in the review process prior to June 1, 2020. It only applies to new submissions. Before publication, each accepted submission will be checked to confirm at least one author is a current dues-paying member or to collect the publishing fee. Publication may be delayed until payment is received or will be withdrawn if payment is not received by the deadline given. Questions? Contact the Executive Editor.

Current Issue: Volume 104, Issue 3 (2020)


Professional Development


Leveraging Skype in the Classroom for Science Communication: A Streaming Science – Scientist Online Approach
Peyton N. Beattie, Jamie Loizzo, Kevin Kent, Christine L. Krebs, Teresa Suits, and J. C. Bunch



Technically Speaking: Technical Skills Needed for Agricultural Communication Baccalaureate Graduates
Arthur Leal, Kati M. Lawson, Ricky W. Telg, Joy N. Rumble, Nicole LaMee Perez Stedman, and Debbie Treise


Animating science communication: Measuring U.S. consumers’ recall about genetic modification with animated infographics
Jessica Holt, Alexa J. Lamm, Kristin Gibson, Kevan Lamm, Jason D. Ellis Ph.D., and Joy N. Rumble