Reviews of Audiences for Contemporary Radio Formats by James T. Lull, Lawrence M. Johnson and Carol E. Sweeny; How Numbers Are Shown: A Review of Research on the Presentation of Quantitive Data in Texas by Michael MacDonald Ross; The Picture in Your Mind by Malcolm L. Fleming; TV Captures Extension Farm Audience by Marion E. Kroetz and Robert Cole; Communication Behavior and Effectiveness of Professionals in a Research Dissemination Organization by Nemi C. Jain; Newspaper versus " Newspaper" - A Statewide Study of the Weekly by George M. Winford; Impact of Follow-up Mailing on Return Rates in Surveys of Six Different Elite Groups by Michael Ryan; Comparison of Factual Recall from Film and Print Stimuli by Karen Browne; Recall of Television Weather Reports by David Hyatt, Kathy Riley, and Noel Sederstrom.

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