Cattlemen's Day, 1976; Report of progress (Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station); 262; Beef; Milo stover silage; Forage sorghum silage; Heifers


Ninety-six heifer calves were used to compare four silage combinations: (1) 100% milo stover, (2) 67% milo stover and 33% forage sorghum, (3) 33% milo stover and 67% forage sorghum and (4) 100% forage sorghum. Each ration was fed to four pens of six heifers each during the 88-day trial. Heifers fed 100% forage sorghum made the fastest and most efficient gains(P<.05); those fed 100% milo stover, the slowest and least efficient gains (P<.05). Based on gains obtained from these two rations, the 67% milo stover silage ration produced 16% faster gain than predicted; the 33% milo stover ration, a 5% faster gain than predicted.

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