Cattlemen's Day, 1972; Report of progress (Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station); 557; Beef; Starea; Urea; Soybean meal; Bluestem pastures


During the winter of 1970-71, 63 six-year-old, non-lactating, pregnant Hereford cows were divided into eight groups to compare a soybean meal-sorghum grain supplement with supplements containing either urea, Starea 44 (an expansion-processed mixture of sorghum grain and urea), or sorghum grain only (Bulletin 546, 1971, p. 28). Cows were fed each morning six days a week, 7 days' feed each six days. They had access to water, a salt-mineral-vitamin mix (55.1% salt; 36.7% dicalcium phosphate; 8.2% vitamin A premix) fed free-choice, and native winter pasture (table 38).

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