Swine day, 1968; Swine; Sorghum grain; Soybean meal; Methionine; Carcass composition


Limited work is available on proper protein levels in swine rations when sorghum grain is a major ration component. Remarkable improvement has been made in gaining ability, feed coversion and muscling in swine. Because of continued improvements in these characteristics due to breeding and selection, we need to periodically re-evaluate the requirements for protein and amino acid levels in swine rations. A deterioration in muscle quality' (color, firmness and marbling) seems to be associated with production of lean pork. This prompted a detailed study of muscle quality, carcass composition, feed/gain ratio and gain rate as affected by varying ratios of sorghum grain and soybean meal, as well as added methionine, in swine rations.; Swine Day, Manhattan, KS, September 26, 1968

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